Powder Room D “Limited Edition Bunzie” Wig Review

Product Reviews / Friday, January 22nd, 2016

sex10powderroomd bunzie wig

The “Limited Edition Bunzie” synthetic lace front wig from Powder Room D is actually the first wig I purchased! I was SO excited for this wig to come but unfortunately it isn’t my favorite. Heres what I think.

Ordering: Order online at powderroomd.com, pay with paypal or credit card. 

Price: The “Limited Edition Bunzie” wig is $150. Be sure to follow my blog, Tumblr & Instagram for sale codes!!!

Shipping: $20 depending on your location. This one only took one week! I would still plan on one month to be safe. 

Packaging: Your wig comes by priority mail in a USPS envelope. Inside you will find a thank you card, a wig cap (tan), and your wig in a hair net. 

Feeling: My wig feels amazing, very soft, as close to human as you can get without the price. TIP: Use Baby Powder, translucent powder, or dry shampoo to take away some of the shine and help your wig look and feel more natural. 

Length: I was a little disappointed with the length of this wig. The description says this wig is 24 inches but I would say its closer to 18 inches. I haven’t pulled out my measuring tape but I’m a hair stylist specializing in hair extensions…so I know my lengths! Be sure to comment below if you’d like me to measure my wig.  

Amount of Hair: The “Limited Edition Bunzie” wig has way less hair than my “Mint Mermaid” wig (check out that review)! If I wasn’t comparing to my other wig I would say it has a decent amount of hair, especially for someone who isn’t used to wearing wigs or hair extensions. 

Hairline: The hairline of this wig is my biggest issue! Its just weird! I still can’t find the perfect way to wear it and that bothers me! I’m sure I’ll get used to it but it just isn’t a grab and go type of wig. It takes 30 minutes to and hour to get it right and wig tape or glue is a MUST for this wig to lay down! The comb situation is also really annoying! Most wigs have a comb at the nape, sides, and front, but this wig is missing the one at the front which makes it impossible to wear without wig tape or glue. 

Heat: You can use low heat to style your wig. 

Customer Service: I haven’t had to contact customer service but Darnell is very responsive when I comment on his Instagram @powderroomd. Keep in mind that this is still a very small company. 

IF you have any questions about my wigs or would like me to review a specific wig please comment below. 

powderroomd limited edition wig

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