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Hair Extensions / Sunday, January 17th, 2016


She by Socap USA

She by SOCAP USA individual keratin bond hair extensions are my absolute FAVORITE type of hair extensions! Before I get into the details of bonded hair extensions, here is some info you need to know…

  • I am a licensed Cosmetologist.
  • I’ve had extensions & have been installing extensions for over 10 years.
  • I would only use 100% Human Remy Hair for any type of extensions. 100% Human Remy hair has not been combined with any type of synthetic or animal hair. You can use heat up to 450 degrees to style, unlike synthetic hair which melts if exposed to high heat. Remy hair means that the hairs cuticle is laying down and facing the same direction, which means less tangles for you.
  • Extensions are not damaging if installed AND removed correctly!
  • In most states and in Florida, hair extensions must be installed by a LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST. Be aware of people advertising services who are not licensed and who will only travel or require you to come to them. Its not only dangerous but illegal.
  • I’m not being paid to post, I just LOVE this company & my clients love them too!

These are the preferred extensions by over 90% of my clients and celebrities. I use She by SOCAP USA individual Keratin bonded extensions. These are applied with heat and are attached to a small section of your hair, they are held onto your hair by Keratin, NOT glue! She by SOCAP USA hair extensions come in over 100 colors including natural, highlighted, fantasy, ombre, and newly added trendy grey colors. Changing your hair color has never been so easy, and now you can do it with ZERO damage! I order the 22-inch length and cut for my clients desired look. Longer hair is available but is a special order. Individual Keratin Bonded extensions by She by SOCAP USA last on average 3 to 6 months, obviously this depends on some key factors such as how fast your hair grows and how you maintain them. These are by far the most versatile extensions. My clients dive, ride motorcycles, are personal trainers, swim, and do everything in between with their extensions.

socap hair extensions bradenton sarasota florida

Pricing is going to depend on how the stylist charges and how many extensions you need. Some stylists charge by the hour, so the longer it takes them to do your extensions, the more money it costs you! Always ask up front how long you can expect to be in the chair! I charge per extension and it takes me 60 seconds or less to install each one. In most cases you are in my chair no longer than 2 hours! Be aware that a lot of salons have a minimum extension rule, meaning that you have to get a certain number of extensions or meet a minimum price amount. This doesn’t sit well with me! Some clients only need 20 extensions for thickness or they may bring in their teenage who wants 10 pink extensions, thats perfectly okay with me!

socap usa color ring

How many extensions will YOU need? This depends on the current length and texture of your hair as well as the DESIRED length and texture. If your hair is past your shoulders and fine, you may only need 50 extensions. If your hair is above your shoulders and thick, you may need 150 extensions. The reason you may need more is because we have to cover the line that your natural hair creates, you don’t want to see your hair through the extensions, thats not pretty! Prices range from $55-$2000. Again, it all depends on how many extensions you need.

My pricing includes the hair, installation, cut, style, an extension brush, and a follow up appointment where I will check your extensions and do a blow dry/style.

she by socap hair extensions

To have your extensions removed you MUST go to a licensed stylist that uses the She by SOCAP USA extension remover. These extensions can’t be removed with anything else because they have a keratin tip, not glue! This is where a lot of girls end up with damage, they buy some cheap glue remover from Sally’s and have a girl friend try to remove them, it won’t work!

CONS: The more you need the higher the price, just like any extensions. These are the preferred extensions of celebrities and unfortunately that has upped the price. The price also depends on where you live. I have some clients who find it less expensive to fly to me instead of getting their extensions done in cities like L.A, Atlanta, or Chicago.

She by Socap USA Ombre Hair Extensions
She by Socap USA Ombre Hair Extensions

*If you still have questions please contact me. Its best to do an in-person complimentary consultation.

I will be covering ALL the different types of hair extensions in my upcoming posts, so check back soon and follow me on Facebook, Instagram @srqhair, and Tumblr @srqhair.

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  1. I have a pretty short inverted bob and my hair is at an awful stage. I also have very thin hair. Based on what I just told you could you guestimate a price. I have been wanting extensions for forever. I am located in Valrico, FL. Thanks!!!!! Shante

    1. Hi, price would depend on the results you want. If you want them just for thickness or length and thickness…I would need some more info to give you an accurate price but most installations range in price from $200-$1200. Please email me at and we can discuss it more.

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