Hair Extensions

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Every client is different, which is why I offer multiple extension methods.

A consultation is required for every new extension client. I now offer virtual consultations via text message. Simply text a photo of the front and back of your hair outside in natural lighting to 941-822-6036 and I can color match and send over all pricing info.

I have to see your hair, discuss your overall goal, and lifestyle before I can determine the extension method that is best for the health of your hair. 

I have given some information below on the different extension methods. During your consultation we will go over all the methods and I will show you the hair that goes along with each method so you are able to make the most educated decision. Once we decide on a method that is best for your hair, you will pay a deposit t0 reserve a spot on my schedule & I will give you a care sheet for how to properly maintain your extensions.

TEXT 941-822-6036 to book your consultation.

Beaded Row Sew-In: This method has many names & varying details. The most important thing to know is that your weft is NOT sewn to a braid when coming to me. This is my favorite method because the weight of the hair is evenly distributed, causing less damage. Average maintenance is done every 6-8 weeks and my line of hair (SRQ HAIR Extensions) can be reused up to 2 years! My wefts come in 200 grams which means your getting an amazing amount of hair!

This method is not new, it has just gained popularity thanks to instagram. I have personally worn sewn-in extensions since I was 13 years old (I’m 33 now). Ive listed some of the common names for different sew-in methods before. Some of the names below are not the name of the method, but the name of the type of weft used. It can sound a bit confusing, which is why I require a consultation for all new clients. This way I can explain all the different options and show you the different types of hair.

Some of the names you may of heard for this method include but are not limited to, NBR, Natural Beaded Row, IBE, Invisible Bead Extensions, Hand Tied Extensions, Machine Tied Extensions, Weft Extensions, Beaded Row, Beaded Sew-In, Braidless Sew-In…the list goes on.

Seamless Extension Method: This is the best method for wearing your hair up! This method is very similar to my beaded row sew-in method only so much better! This is for the person who has a very active lifestyle and wears their hair up often. This method is almost invisible and it is the most comfortable hair extension method. It is also the preferred method for people with very thin hair. Just like my other sew-in method, the hair can last up to 2 years!

Keratin Bonded: Keratin Bonded extensions have been around for over 30 years. I take an extension one gram in weight, and attach it to a small section of your hair using heat. Once installed, the bonds feel similar to a grain of rice. If properly maintained, these extensions can last 3-6 months but the hair is NOT reusable. If you just want to add thickness, you will need 20-50 pieces. If your wanting to add any length, you will need 80-200 pieces. I can not tell you how many extensions you will need until I see your hair in person.

Tape-In: Tape-In Extensions are a great option for some people. I personally do not recommend this option for people who spend the majority of their time in the Florida heat. The tape is attached to a very thin section of your hair using something similar to surgical tape. When your scalp gets very hot the tape can swell and pull hairs into the tape that weren’t meant to be attached, which will eventually cause those hairs to break. For some people this method is the best, which is why I would need to see you in person.

One Piece Clip-In Extensions: I now offer a revolutionary one piece clip-in! This clip-in mimics the look of a sewn in hair extension row but can be removed by you on a day to day basis. The clips are lined with silicone and anti slip technology. These are the thickest clip-in extensions on the market and the most comfortable! You can shop the clip-ins at