Redken Blonde Idol High Lift Color Review

Product Reviews / Thursday, January 28th, 2016

redone blonde idol high lift color

This review is coming to you from a girl (me) who has never used anything on her gorgeous ice blonde locks other than Wella Blondor bleach. I think Blondor is the Holy Grail of hair lighteners. I use it every 2 weeks on my new growth (natural level 6) with 40v developer for 1 hour & 15 minutes…yes you heard me right 40v for 1 hour & 15 minutes. Oh did I mention NO DAMAGE!

Note: Just because I swear by Wella Blondor with 40v for myself and most of my clients, It is NOT for everybody or every hair type!

But this is not a Wella Blondor Review. I’m doing this review because I also use Redken color line on my clients and I was super excited when I heard a rep describing the new Blonde Idol High Lift Color line. Not only are 80% of my clients platinum blonde, I am too, and it would be amazing to get level 10 results without bleach. When it comes to lightening, I like to try chemicals on myself before I put them on my clients, so that’s what I did.

A lovely friend and stylist at my salon volunteered to apply the color. I used Redken’s Style Station App formula finder to select the right level of Blonde Idol High Lift Color. With a starting level 6 and a desired level 10, the app generated 4 different options for me to choose. I chose Ultra Pale Ash Blonde color using the Ash .1 High Lift color which has blue undertone.

We mixed the color with 40v and started the application. My scalp began to tingle and burn a little in the application spots (nothing new to me) but It wasn’t unbearable and it only lasted a few minutes then moved to the other areas where the color was being applied. I processed at room temperature (75 degrees) for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The instructions call for 45 minute process time with NO HEAT. I understand I processed for long over the suggested time but at 45 minutes my roots were looking ORANGE and I was in no pain, so I just kept on processing. At 1 hour and 15 minutes my hairline was beautiful and matched the rest of my ice blonde hair, but the rest of my new growth was looking like a very warm level 9…not what I was hoping. We washed & conditioned but did NOT apply a toner. I wanted to blow dry and see the real results. After drying I found my hairline to be a gorgeous level 10 but everything else to be a warm level 9. My hair felt wonderful though. wella blondor
Ice Blonde using Wella Blondor
redken blonde idol review
Redken Blonde Idol in natural light

Final Thoughts

I would use the Blonde Idol High Lift Color on my hairline and Wella Blonder bleach on the rest of my new growth. It may also be good to use the High Lift color every other time I do my roots, just to preserve my hair. I think the High Lift color would be great for clients who want to go platinum but don’t want to do multiple bleach sessions or pay for Olaplex. It just didn’t give me the full lift I was used to with Wella Blondor but it was worth a shot.

Please comment any questions below and let me know if you’d like a specific product reviewed.

2 Replies to “Redken Blonde Idol High Lift Color Review”

  1. My hair is platuim blond. I only do the roots always have! Just started using. Blond Idol. Do you notice brakeage with this? I have never used bleach. But matrix hair color a number. The blondest they make. But this is the blondes I have ever got it but I’m Worried about brakeage, my hair is healthy now I use all Kerastase products. Love them. Should I keep this beautiful color or will it brake my hair off? Seems to be drier, even with a mask before and after? Thanks

    1. Hi, I’ve never had breakage issues with Blonde Idol. I’m also someone who prefers bleach to high lift color based on the lift I need for my clients. I swear by Malibu Rehabilit8 as my deep conditioner. I hope this helps!

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